MShield is a company dedicated to face everyday's hacking threats, currently working with protection to Cabal Online servers, you can see some of our features below.

Platform compatibilities
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Global features
• Detection against speed changes in the game (Cheat Engine, Speed Hack, etc).
• Detection against additinal instances inside of the game (Forms, Windows, etc).
• Protection against injected trainers.
• Protection against suspend/terminate of the antihack's threads (Process Explorer, Process Hacker, etc).
• Protection against unauthorized read/write access to the game's memory (Cheat Engine, Process Hacker, Trainers, etc).
• Protection against unauthorized access from external programs to the game (Cheat Engine, Process Hacker, Trainers, etc).
• Memory consumption control on every 3 minutes, the game will have a "refresh" in the memory (Reduce of the memory consumption).
• Protection against the practice of debugging.
• Memory checksum, preventing the game's physical memory changes.
• Threat log system.
• Hardware blockage.
• Admin panel.

Specific features (Cabal Online)
• XorKeys, Version and MagicKey are hidden and only being accessed in runtime.
• Disable the map changing during the TG.
• Protection against channel crash (Client Side).
• Protection against creating a character with wrong class informations.

• Safe and fast.
• Protect against a huge part of the known malicious programs.
• Protect against a huge part of the known cheats.
• Does not cause in game lag.
• Compatibility.